“It’s the Illuminati,” Jake said to West, one of the first times they really got to talking at the Shelter.

Jake had heard it all before – West’s stories of his tribulations with corporate America – with his straight as fuck family – really, with everything West had to say. He was dismissive, but not overtly so. “Illuminati”, he would repeat.

Jake had been the one obsessed with geology and without him – those in the Blackout – all those years later – would no way have recognized earth`s impending doom – starting at New Madrid – but really out to the whole planet.

You see – West had taken to be a sort of apprentice to Jake – they would sneak off during the day from the shelter while the doors were locked to their makeshift office – really a bedbug infested dump of a place of their up until recently also homeless friend Steve – and plug away on Blender. But Jake`s real passion, and why he is of such note, was his budding skill at analyzing seismic faults – and especially what they had to do with fracking. Jake himself had fracked for oil when he was living in the south in Beaufort (pronouced Bufford). And now with all this time on his hands he had installed half-a-dozen specialized seismic activity applications on his Linux laptop – all the while using second and third screens overflowing with windows of Google Earth instances and the USGS web app. With this cross-section of earthquake algorithms and underground news sites like Suspicious0Observers and (insert earthquake conspiracy guy)¬†was developing a kind of expertise no one else on the planet actually had at the time making the definite connection between fracking and earthquakes but moreso that these fracking quakes were actually activating much older fault lines and would eventually lead to much more that the 2.0 and 3.0 quakes around Oklahoma and Alaska but to 5.0, 6.0 7.0 quakes and beyond. “It`s all the Illuminati“, he would insist.

In fact a couple of time when West and Jake got to talking they actually broached the topic of New Madrid and this is how West would eventually relay it to Jay and Mohammad and Devlin so they would eventually make sense of their intercepts: New Madrid… a gargantuan quake at New Madrid would begin a cascade that led to the split… and the clock was ticking.



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