The System

Scientists started putting together the pieces maybe ten years before the split and the timing could not have been better – or let us say worse – because by then the Blackout System was already in place.

So while past exposés, where whistle blowers might make strategic leaks to the press – well besides that now there was really no independent press – from the onset of this story everything was redacted – and so quickly it was basically imperceptible even to the scientists themselves – as they entered their numbers – typed up their results to formulate a hypothesis, already the numbers were changed and their words rearranged.

Of course, ever since the internet’s growth had really accelerated more than anyone had thought – a hundred, a thousand fold since 2025 when the first general purpose A.I.s became the chief content creators – no one – even the world’s top specialists in their field’s – could really write anything without the aid of a cloud of bots – so then nothing on the web – and so nothing that could possibly be read by more than a few people – as any kind of print media – even notebooks – had become scarce, nothing was really authored by individuals anymore – all was human – AI collaboration – well – usually – anything that lasted was usually a collaboration of dozens or more people from around the world along with an innumerable amount of diverse computer code and bots – so that this story – the story to end all stories and signal the real new beginning – where humanity’s trouble really began – was all but quashed before it began – mostly – if we are able to tease out the technical reason – it was probably because the various AIs recognized right away the threat to their own existence from letting the meme out in any way.

But there was a glitch.


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