Jay didn’t know it but he was being experiment on. Shortly before his accident, when all the medical record and prescriptions had been put into the same system – pharmaceutical companies, well, really the cloud-based nexuses of AI that ran more and more corporations had begun to slowly, imperceptibly, take control.

Their first experiments were tentative, and there were errors – especially with the wet-ware interface through the nanobots – and Jay, Devlin, Mohammad – were among those first dozen or so. After that, communication protocols became perfect.

Those first ones in fact were tagged alpha and were slated for death at a routine sync, and it was only because of a single miscalculation that this didn’t happen and allowed everything else to proceed.

The final sync – with the alphas slated for deprecation and death – simply never happened.


Blackout Copyright © 2015 by Jonathan Wexler. All Rights Reserved.


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