Moe Knows

“Moe – not that way,” said Jay, guiding Mohammad through the delicate steps of disassembling the drone. Ahmed was watching in disbelief – he had been both metaphorically and physically at the protests for years now and had not joined Mohammad at his cave until now – only to witness this unbelievable scene – a seeming unconscious Mohammad swiftly unpacking the components of the seized drone – seized by these two – as it were.

Jay and Moe had made acquaintance much like Jay had with Devlin – in the midst of the blackouts. Only Jay had noticed right away something different about Moe – he had a very deliberate way about him in the abyss – his moves were assured and swift.

“I had figured it out – you see,” Moe would later explain to Jay.

Mohammad had been a diligent student in engineering back in North America – and he had been educated right at the cusp of the acceleration – of the slow world and of the fast – but of neither, totally. This had given him a real edge. So much so that he had noticed the glitch in the medical literature  – those slated for termination – in fact the language was so couched and the journal so obscure that he was self-reassured in feeling that he could be the only human who really understood what the AI produced articles were really saying.

Mohammad had caught this glitch – deconstructed it – then reverse engineered it – then self-inflicted the procedure on himself – so Mohammad was roaming around in the Blackout fully cognizant of what It is – and where he was at.


Blackout Copyright © 2015 by Jonathan Wexler. All Rights Reserved.


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