Jake the Computer Guy

Jake had it made in the shade, or so he though to himself. He had spent years toughing it out in the book publishing trade but had now escaped this caged-in life, and did not want anything to change. He had all the time in the world now to pursue what he really loved, 3D animation software, and specifically an open source product called Blender 3D which had been developed originally in Amsterdam.

No matter that Jake’s surroundings were filthy and from an outsider’s perspective, much more like a cage than his previous life. Doors would lock on cue at specific times of the day, meals were served on a strict routine, and Jake and the others would even be locked out for long stretches of time during the day so the place could be cleaned. Jake would pretend that this was all normal, that where he lived was a good, sane place to be, but his time there would be punctuated with knife fights and assassination attempts on Parliament hill, with drug dealers and other petty criminals, with a cast of characters straight out of the bowels of Canadiana.

Everyday Jake would make his way in the morning up to the computer lab to play with Blender 3D, to model a chair, a table, to decorate it with textures and 3D beveled text. Jake was normally an accommodating, even jovial person, but if anyone or anything got in the way of his daily Blender fix he would absolutely explode.

Jake was a Ghost of Canada living in the Men’s Mission homeless shelter of Ottawa steps from the seat of government moments before he met Jay and got swept up in what was really going on.


Blackout Copyright © 2015 by Jonathan Wexler. All Rights Reserved.


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