In those days only the institutionalized had an inkling of what was coming.

The worldwide firewall had long since taken effect filtering all thought and action in the perfect model the Chinese had once upon a time engineered only for themselves but was now bought and implemented by every government on Earth—as one of the costs of being part of the grid.

It was a necessary reaction—in the elite’s view—to the mess of terrorism that was coming across every which way over the airwaves, and it proved auspicious in so many ways—at least temporarily to the business class—it could keep their populaces docile as the deterioration was happening all around them.

First the weather.

Then the price of goods.

Then the disease.

And through it all – with the firewall – the news remained – well – not good – but focused on petty criminals – celebrity reality shows and candidates – while they were able to maintain their bunker 0.01 % lifestyles as they sucked up the last bit of enviro-mass out of our once collective home before the split.

That’s where our adventure begins.


Blackout Copyright © 2015 by Jonathan Wexler. All Rights Reserved.


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